Alberta Calling Cards

The province of Alberta in Canada boasts a population of approximately three million people. Of the three Prairie Provinces of the country, Alberta is the most populated as it attracts a large number of people due to its stable economy that is well supported by the industries of crude oil, natural gas, synthetic crude and other related industries. Not only does Alberta attract a large number of people from the other provinces, but also from the other countries in the world as well.

Other than being the perfect home to the immigrants, Alberta is also the favorite vacation spot of the tourists as well. All those who love snow sports and camping, hiking, shopping will find Alberta to be a heaven on earth. One of the biggest cities in Alberta is Edmonton,which is also the capital of this province. However, the largest metropolitan area of the country is situated in the city of Calgary in Alberta. Canada welcomes a large community of the tourists every year, who come here to spend their vacations and enjoy the recreational activities.

Thousands of immigrants from Asia, Middle East and Europe relocated throughout Alberta and its various cities seek better employment opportunities and quality of life. These individuals however, need to get in touch with their families and friends back at home. Even the countless residents of Alberta need to communicate across the regions of the world from time to time due to the demands of their personal or the professional lives. One of the most effective ways to manage the calls from Alberta is by opting for the prepaid calling cards.

Calling cards could be purchased form variety of stores across the province, but due to undeveloped distribution network and declining calling card industry trends, most stores do not carry wide selection of prepaid calling cards even in Alberta’s largest cities. Alternative to buying calling cards in traditional stores is online calling cards. Most Alberta calling cards could be selected from the list of phone cards and purchased at Ontario Phone Cards web site.

Ontario Phone Cards was developed with the vision of providing quality and cost effective means to the people of Canada and Alberta province particularly. Alberta calling cards from Ontario Phone Cards allow the callers to place calls once they receive their access codes and PIN code through their emails. Without providing any personal information or getting registered to any irrelevant website or waiting for the lengthy verification procedure post buying the online phone cards, the customers who buy their cards from Ontario Phone Cards can proceed with making calls right away.

Another web site to purchase calling cards for calls from Alberta is Gold Line Calling Cards ( This web site only offers phone cards from one provider – Group of Gold Line. Gold Line Calling Cards features GoldLines’ most popular calling Cards: CiCi, Gold and Good Call.

Although most calling cards offer excellent value for money some calling card providers may use dishonest advertizing strategies to misled customers. Read more about misleading advertizing strategies at Phone Card Selection tips at Ontario Phone Cards. You may also read about poor value calling card problem at CBC News.

Alberta Calling Plans

Alberta Calling Cards now offers prepaid calling plans as well. E-Z Call Plan by CiCi offers both convenience of calling plan and no-changes and flexibility of calling cards. E-Z Call Plan works just like calling card (no need to change provider), but with no PIN from up to 8 register phones. Check more info and registration on E-Z Call site.